Twilight of the Rustys

"Rusty is a Homosexual" was a story which I had posted from around 1996 until September 2012. It was a goofy parody of a children's book.

I'm glad that so many hundreds of people wrote to me over the years to express their appreciation for the story. Most people who wrote found it very funny. Some cried when Rusty's parents finally accepted him. I even had multiple offers to turn the story into a short film. If I hadn't been so busy with grad school when the meme hit its peak, I probably could have made a decent chunk of change with Rusty books and t-shirts.

Still, the sense of humor that you choose to project when you're 28 may not be the same as what you choose to project when you're 44. I can't read the story now without wincing, and I've decided that the story has run its course.

Please respect this, and don't contact me asking me to restore the story, or asking permission to post it somewhere else. It's time to move on.

Best wishes to all of you. Thanks again for all the words of appreciation over the years.